They defraud more than a million euros with the purchase of thousands of SIM cards and mobile phones

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The National Police have arrested three people in Madrid y León who allegedly managed to defraud more than one and a half million euros with the purchase of thousands of SIM telephone cards and mobile terminals by posing as an alleged company that had a technology project with solar panels in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

As reported this Thursday by the General directorate of policethe criminal group used the modality known as the “Nazarene scam”, which consists of posing as an important company to defraud others, in this case for a prestigious company in the business and security sector to defraud a telephone company and a luxury car dealership.

The investigation began in the middle of last year after receiving a complaint for an alleged economic scam committed by a company that presented a technological installation project to a telephone company for the recovery of energy through solar panels in Spain, Italy, and Portugal that It involved the acquisition of thousands of SIM cards and high-end telephone terminals.

After several meetings between the company created to commit the fraud and the telecommunications company, 2,200 SIM cards and 2,500 telephone terminals were delivered.

They even showed them the place where the solar park would be installed and even made some card payments, which strengthened trust.

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