They deliberately passed on the disease at a covid party in Italy. One participant died, three are in the ICU

A 55-year-old Austrian who worked in Italy died the last time near Bolzano after a similar party. “We have already received more reports from doctors about people who ended up in the hospital and contracted the infected,” said Patrick Franzoni of the Bolzano Anti-Coronation Unit.

Franzoni added that the police had already launched an investigation. The motivation of the participants of similar parties was revealed by the server Il Dolomiti. By going through the illness, they get a green passport, which employees are obliged to carry to work. If you do not prove it, you risk a fine in the range of 15,300 to 38,400 crowns.

Unvaccinated employees must prove that they are infectious by a test. However, they pay for them themselves and this amount can climb up to 4,600 crowns per month.

Deliberately spreading covid is a criminal offense

Franzoni recalled that, at least until the end of this year, the deliberate spread of coronavirus in Italy was a criminal offense, given the state of emergency in force, which should last until at least 31 December. “Covid-19 also has long-term consequences and young people may end up in hospitals,” Franzoni said.

South Tyrol, and Bolzano in particular, are among the most affected in Italy. In the last 24 hours, 252 more people have been infected, and there are almost 9,000 hospitals in the province.

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