They demand justice and in-depth investigation into the death of a young man in La Victoria – Radio Nuevo Mundo

Leaders linked to human rights condemned the murder of a young neighbor of the town of La Victoria, Aníbal Villaroel, after an incident in which the Carabineros shot him at point-blank range, this in the midst of the commemoration of the first year since 18 October 2019, the date on which the social revolt began.

For Karen Alanís, a member of the Chilean Human Rights Commission in the southern part of the capital, the brutality and violence with which the Carabineros operates, protected by a government complicit in these bloody acts, is confirmed.

The social activist warned that the police forces act with a huge disproportionality in their protocols, especially repressing organizations and organized people.

Karen Alanís demanded the immediate departure of the General Director of Carabineros, Mario Rozas, who has demonstrated his null capacity for control and leadership, given the repeated acts of violence and arbitrariness in which his institution is involved.

Finally, the Defender of the Chilean Human Rights Commission lashed out at the government’s statements by attributing this death to an exchange of gunfire, as this shows the partiality with which the authority continues to act by validating only the Carabineros version, which is extremely serious, concluded Karen Alanís.


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