They denounce Google Maps for causing the death of a father by taking him over a destroyed bridge

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The Google platform was sued last Tuesday by an American family that blames its Google Maps application for having provided wrong indications to her father, who died after falling from a half-destroyed bridge to which that navigation system had directed him.

As published this Thursday by CNN, which had access to the complaint filed two days ago, Philip Paxson He activated Google Maps to return home in September 2022 after his daughter’s ninth birthday party.

It was night and Google Maps told him to head towards a bridge that had partially collapsed years before and that was not properly marked or repaired. The man fell off that structure with his vehicle and ended up dying.

According to CNN, residents of the area in Hickory, North Carolina, had repeatedly asked for barriers to be fixed or placed. before someone was injured or lost their lifebut their requests had not been met.

The family lawyer Robert Zimmerman, He noted in a statement released by the chain that for years Google Maps had directed motorists like Paxson to that route, despite having received complaints about it.

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