They denounce the felling of one of the most famous trees in the United Kingdom, the maple from the Robin Hood movie

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One of the most photographed trees in the UK, located near Hadrian’s Wall in the north east of Englandwas “deliberately cut down,” denounced on Thursday the administrator of the National Park where it was planted.

“The Northumberland National Park Authority can confirm that, sadly, the famous Sycamore Gap fell overnight”he said in a statement. “We have reason to believe that he has been deliberately logged,” the organization said in a statement.

Located near Hadrian’s Wall, the Roman-era wall erected to prevent the invasion of barbarian hordes, this majestic maple in a spectacular landscape appeared in the cinema in the “Robin Hood” de Kevin Costner (Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, 1991)

According to photos on social networks, only a foot of trunk remains of which it was chosen “tree of the year” in 2016.

Local police announced the start of an investigation. Local MP Mary Foy denounced a “silly” and “heartbreaking” act of vandalism of a north-east settlement.

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