Health They develop a drug that could relieve chronic cough...

They develop a drug that could relieve chronic cough | Health | Magazine

Two studies have confirmed that a new medication can help people suffering from chronic cough. Its components, and in a dose of 30 milligrams, would allow to control this disease.

This is gefapixant. Its components work on the nerves that control cough, according to what was collected 20 minutes.

The first investigation, published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, indicates that 253 patients tried it and in 80% of them it worked with a dose of 50 milligrams.

Meanwhile, the study published in the European Respiratory Journal included 57 people, in which the 30-milligram dose was used.

“The drug is now in two larger global trials and it is not yet known when it will be available in pharmacies,” the publication clarified. (I)


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