They discover a lot of Battlefield V content that has not yet been published

Although the Battlefield franchise is one of the main sagas within multiplayer shooters, Battlefield V did not achieve the result that could be expected. His direct confrontation with Call of Duty and the emergence of many other highly successful multiplayer alternatives have left him out of the game. Even so, DICE has been publishing a good number of post-launch content that has significantly energized the game. Now they discover lots of Battlefield V content that have not yet been published.

From the web specialized in multiplayer games, mp1st, a discovery made by a Battlefield insider has been released in which they track the code in search of that content that could be unlocked, or activated, in specific events. And thus, they have found lots of Battlefield V content, ranging from maps, weapons, skins, and more.

Credits: mp1st

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The issue that makes this discovery more mysterious is that DICE currently seems to have dropped Battlefield V support in terms of content addition. They would exclusively focus on community-provided reports for stability and bug fixes. And this is because the study would be fully involved in the pnext Battlefield episode that would come this year. A game that, surely, seeks to adapt to the new generation consoles, Xbox Series X | S and Playstation 5.

But it cannot be ruled out that they may have included all these contents within the game to be able to enable them, in some way, in some future initiative. And it could be a hope for Battlefield fans still playing Battlefield V. Because as described, there are more than 50 elements that would be part of content that has not been displayed in-game and that’s a lot of Battlefield V content.

Up to two complete maps and a large number of weapons and skins would have been discovered by DANNYonPC and shown in an extensive video that talks about all the possibilities that there may be. It can be discarded content that has not been removed from the code, since dataminers are very well known among developers and have left false leads many times. Similarly, they may simply be items that were discarded at the time, or an indication that there were big plans for the game to have worked better.

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Be that as it may, the high competition that exists in the field of multiplayer games left Battlefield V in the background, also being a game that has been able to be active for longer than usual due to market circumstances. Battlefield V arrived in 2018That is, two years ago, which would have led to a new episode being released this year. But that’s where next-gen consoles have come into the picture and the choice seems to have been to avoid developing a game now to reach too many consoles and not take advantage of the performance of newer hardware properly.

Credits: mp1st

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At least, it is another of the hopes that we have regarding the next Battlefield. There are hardly any clues about this development, knowing that it is underway and that its possible launch will take place in 2021. There is talk of the Third World War for this new title that some baptize as Battlefield 6. We will have to wait for more details to be offered, because it gives the feeling that they want to do something great and are going to take their time to do it.

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