They discover an algae that can end methane emissions produced by livestock

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Sea Forest is going to market a marine algae supplement discovered in Australia that could almost completely solve the problem of carbon dioxide emissions. greenhouse effect gases produced by livestock.

The ocean organization has won a $1 million Australian grant from the federal government that will speed up production of the innovative edible seaweed product called asparagopsis.

This sea vegetable was identified by a CSIRO-led research team, who discovered its ability to significantly reduce the amount of methane produced by cows and sheep when added to their diets, almost completely eliminating the production of the potent greenhouse gas.

“This commercialization grant will accelerate our ability to scale up and supply our Asparagopsis algae supplement to farms in Australia and around the world. Since the world’s leading CSIRO research came out, demand from farmers and livestock producers to scale has been incredible,” said Sea Forest executive director, Elsom himself.

Asparagopsis is native to Tasmanian waters and Sea Forest plans to farm it for produce it in commercial quantities and use it in the agricultural industry.

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