They discover “pool of death” at the bottom of the sea that kills everything it touches

If you weren’t already afraid of the sea, you probably will be after seeing this…

A “pool of death” has been discovered at the bottom of the Red Sea that instantly kills anything that swims in it.

The pool was found by researchers at the University of Miami and measures 107.00 square feet.

It is located at a great depth, 1.1 miles below the surface of the inlet of the Indian Ocean, located between Africa and Asia.

Plus, it’s been there a long time. The pools are thought to have formed from pockets of minerals that were deposited up to 23 million years ago.

Why is it so deadly?

It does not contain oxygen. Instead, it is filled with brine, and the saline solution is deadly to most things that go into it.

Researcher Sam Purkis told Live Science: “Any animal that gets lost in the brine is immediately stunned or killed.”

(YouTube/Ocean X)

He also said the pool is “among the most extreme environments on Earth.”

It is used by some creatures for food, with Purkis saying that: “Fish, shrimp and eels seem to use the brine for hunting.”

Predators settle on the peripheries of the pool to “feed on the unfortunate” creatures that die after swimming in it.

Although it is not the first brine-filled pool under the sea discovered by scientists in the Red Sea, it is the closest to Earth.

It lies just 1.25 miles off the coast of Egypt, while the closest previous pool was more than 15 miles from land.


Unusual, to see how they transport the pool… but with children inside.

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