They dismantle a cell of hitmen in León and secure arsenal

León.- Criminal Investigation Agents of the Guanajuato State Attorney General’s Office They detained four people in possession of an arsenal, tactical equipment, vehicles, cash, several doses of drugs, and communication equipment in a building in the city of León.

Through a statement, the agency reported that, in conjunction with the State Public Security Secretariat and the León Public Security Secretariat, a building used as a “safe house” was located by a cell of hitmen of a criminal group that operates in the area.

The detained subjects were identified as Marco Antonio “N”, Alfonso “N”, Abimael “N” and a minor, who were left at the disposal of the competent federal authority.

In the building, 4 long weapons, 3 short weapons, tactical equipment, more than a dozen cartridges and chargers, telephone equipment, motor vehicles, a motorcycle with a theft report, several doses of drugs, as well as scales used to weighing it and a safe.

The State Prosecutor’s Office continues with the investigations to determine the probable participation of the probable defendants in more than a dozen criminal acts that recently occurred in the region.



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