“They don’t let me in on the beach.” The Municipality replies like this

Controversy in Amalfi Coast after the denunciation of Dieter Richter. The German writer and philologist in fact denounced that, according to him, he was discriminated against: «They refused me access to the beach by taking only one sunbed. They told me to get two for 35 euros or nothing. “

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It happened in Atrani, the smallest town on the coast, where the Municipality manages the equipped west beach. And it is the municipal administration to respond in a piqued way to the writer’s complaint. Dieter Richter, honorary citizen of Amalfi, in a letter to PositanoNews, had denounced: “Yesterday, as for many years, I wanted to take my usual bath at the beach of Atrani. I was told by the new manager that it is no longer possible to rent a single bed as a single person, and that I had to take two for the price of 35 euros. My proposal to get one for the price of 17.50 euros was rejected: the minimum to enter the beach is the rent of two sunbeds. In my opinion it is not only a stupidity, but a clear discrimination against single people and therefore evidently in contrast with the Constitution of the Italian Republic».

The Municipality of Atrani replied in a note to Dieter Richter: «He has never been denied the possibility of swimming, the eastern beach is free and available to anyone. It is also possible to cross the equipped beach to get there. The man in question addressed the employees in a rather rude way, trying to scare them by saying that he would have released an international article on the matter, then tried to haggle on the cost, which is impossible for a beach managed by a public body where price and methods of access are defined by a provision of the Executive. The philologist began his letter by quoting Cicero, ‘Nihil enim semper floret’ (‘Nothing is always in bloom’), to signal the risk that the Amalfi Coast would lose its age-old charm. Popular wisdom, however, is never wrong: ‘A lira ago’ o rich, a crianza ago ‘o sir’ (‘Money makes the rich, but education makes the lord’). Perhaps what makes the splendor of a land fade, more than the mentality, is the lack of ‘crianza’ ».

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