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The COVID-19 pandemic has raised many questions about how physical exercise can protect people from infection by increasing their immunity, minimizing the impact of the virus, and accelerating viral resolution if infection occurs.

Physical exercise has a profound impact on the normal functioning of the immune system. Different studies have shown, for example, that having better cardiorespiratory fitness and performing regular moderate to vigorous intensity exercise allows:

  • Improve immune responses to vaccination.
  • Reduce initial chronic inflammation.
  • Improve various markers related to defenses especially in people who go through disease states such as cancer, HIV, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cognitive decline, overweight or obesity.

Each exercise, particularly dynamic cardio respiratory throughout the body, instantly mobilizes and literally billions of immune cells, especially those types of cells that are capable of performing effector functions such as recognition and destruction of cells infected by the virus.

Mobilized cells first enter the blood compartment and then pass to organs and tissues, particularly the lungs and intestine, where increased immune defense may be required.

Experts argue that it is vitally important to keep activity levels within the recommended thirty minute daily guidelines.

Their frequent recirculation between blood and tissues increases the vigilance of the body’s defenses, strengthening resistance to infections and helping them to be better equipped to deal with any established infectious agent.

Exercise also releases various proteins that can help maintain immunity by activating cellular compartments that work together to increase resistance to infection.

Due to these findings, experts maintain that it is vitally important to keep activity levels within the recommended thirty-minute daily guidelines (continuous or in batches) since exercise can not only have a direct positive effect on cells and immune system molecules, but also counteracts the negative effects of isolation and confinement stress that also reduce defenses.



In Catamarca, a week ago they enabled physical activity outdoors and since Monday they resume work, in principle, the weight training gyms.

Graduate in physical education Hugo Flores, a man of permanent consultation for his knowledge and constant preparation, made known his mixed feelings since people who represent the risk group of sports venues are excluded.

Listening to the owners of gyms and the directives of the officials I realize that they are more interested in the economic part than the true health. Because they say that people with risk (diabetes, asthma, obesity, etc.) will be without going to the gym, that they would be the most benefited when doing physical activity, as a form of covid-19 prevention, he wrote.

Since physical activity improves cardiorespiratory fitness, it boosts the immune system. But for that you have to have received professionals and gyms, and 90% do not, so instead of becoming a place to improve health, they become anything, Flores considered.




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