They explain how the business works on OnlyFans

  • OnlyFans currently has more than 1.6 million content creators globally.

  • In 2021, Axios estimates revealed that users spent up to 2.3 billion dollars buying content.

  • In Latin America, according to a survey, 80 percent of people want to become full-time content creators.

Gathered with Moris and Farid Dieck, the Roberto Martínez podcast, “Creative”, served as the space to discuss how the OnlyFans business works, a platform where a considerable number of content creators usually earn millionaire figures on a monthly basis.

By now, it is well known that the popularity of OnlyFans grew as a result of the arrival of the pandemic: from having 300 thousand creators, the platform reached more than one billion users that, daily, uploaded and began to charge for their content.

Little by little, the platform was positioned, mainly, as a space to sell content of explicit nudity, despite the fact that creators of all kinds and for all tastes live on it.

Now, by October of last year, OnlyFans, according to data from Axios, already had 1.6 million content creators and more than 150 million subscribers worldwide, which, according to some estimates, spent about 2.3 billion dollars; Of that total, around 85 percent would have done so in content of a pornographic nature.

From this perspective, we speak of a space that even served the niche of sex workers; however, he was not the only beneficiary, since, to tell the truth, it is a platform that, in a way, is open to all kinds of creators and, above all, to those users who are looking for extra income or dedicate themselves to filled to such a profession.

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Let us remember that, in this context, a survey carried out by Morning Consult makes it known that, in Latin America alone, more than 80 percent of people have in mind to become content creators, a fact that shows that, more than a fad, we are talking about a profession that, without a doubt, will conquer the next generations.

They explain how the OnlyFans business works

Over the years, since the arrival and, above all, the rise of OnlyFans, the platform has been a topic of conversation in various forums, where the amount that content creators earn is mainly discussed.

Recently, in Reddit, a graph was released showing the monthly amount earned by the most popular OnlyFans creator. This graph actually belongs to a ranking made by the portal and that the statistics platform Statista took up.

According to what is shown in the graph, as of today, the American model Blac Chyna is the one that generates the most income in OnlyFans, with about 20 million dollars per month.

Now, on more than one occasion there has been discussion about why and how these creators earn millionaire figures, a question that, through Roberto Martínez’s podcast, “Creative”, they try to answer from the perspective of Farid and Moris Dieck , two creators who, on their own YouTube channels, talk about financial and psychological issues, among others.

From the opinion of the three creators, the OnlyFans business model would work as follows:

“There are two important factors: in addition to the accelerated reach that you can have in short videos (Reels or TikToks), I think that, number one, adult content, sexual content, does not have language barriers, so, your market is the world; and number two, I think the factor “teasing“, the provocative factor that in a first piece you don’t have everything and that, at the same time, you know you could have it, this added to the fact that these creators generate a more relatable (and close) content generates more excitement”.

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