They find a child's body partially buried in a park; They blame the nanny

A nanny She was accused of killing a child whose body was found buried in a park with her head partly in sight, police said Thursday.

The police arrested Nyishia Corbitt, 33, for the death of Alina Barnes, a year and ten months, which was under his care.

A surveillance video near the apartment of the suspect shows that he leaves the building with the child in a stroller and then walks to the park on the other side of the road on October 9, according to the authorities, who they say that at the time of the video the child was already dead. Corbitt then returns to the apartment without the child, according to the video.

"It is a terrible tragedy," said the police captain of Philadelphia, Jack Ryan at a press conference.

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Corbitt has been accused of accusations like murder, make a false report, alter evidence and abuse of human remains. He took the police on Tuesday to the park where the minor's body was located, in a neighborhood where there is a high school.

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Corbitt's lawyer did not immediately respond to a message left Thursday to request a comment. The documents presented in court indicate that his lawyer requested to be released on bail, but the request was rejected.



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