World They find a million dollars on the road and...

They find a million dollars on the road and decide to give them to the police

An American family found a million dollars in cash in the middle of a road (illustration). – Gerd Altmann

They have been very honest. A family in the state of Virginia (USA) found two mail bags on the road last weekend containing nearly a million dollars in cash. She then decided to hand them over to the police.

Emily Schantz told local television station WTVR that she had been out on the road with the family on Saturday when a car in front of them swerved around an object she could not avoid. They then stopped to pick up what they thought was a large bag of garbage at first sight. They found a second one in the ditch.

An “exceptional” gesture

It was only after returning from their excursion that they discovered the contents of the two bags left in the back of their pick-up: a multitude of plastic envelopes containing cash. The family turned the bags over to the Caroline County Sheriff’s office north of the state capital of Richmond, Richmond. One of the officers, Scott Moser, hailed an “exceptional” gesture. For her part, Emily Schantz said that handing the bags over to the police was simply “the best thing to do” because “they didn’t belong to us”.

Police say they don’t know how the bags ended up in the middle of the road, but believe they were destined for a bank. They were delivered to the American post office.


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