They find human remains in a farm in Jalisco where the disappearance and torture of five young people are being investigated

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The Mexican authorities reported this Thursday that they found human remains in a farm in the state of Jalisco, in the framework of the investigations into the disappearance of five young people, a case that shocks Mexico.

He group of friends between the ages of 19 and 22 disappeared on Friday past in the town of Lakes of Morenoand his captivity and probable murder was publicized in violent social media imagesalthough the authorities have not officially confirmed his death.

The Jalisco prosecutor’s office said Thursday in a statement that police officers found “skeletal remains and four skulls with traces of calcination in its entirety”, although its physical features, age and sex cannot yet be determined. To this are added the charred remains of another person found in a car on August 15. Forensic investigators are working “to identify to the victims”.

After the disappearance of the young people, an image and a video of them were released on social networks. In the photograph they can be seen kneeling and handcuffed while in the video you can see the moment in which one is attacked with a blunt object and a knife, while other bodies lie on the ground. The dissemination of graphic material outraged citizens, columnists and politicians.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He did not respond to journalists’ questions about the case during his morning conference on Wednesday, an attitude that was severely criticized on the networks. This Thursday, the president assured that he could not hear the questions from the reporters and added that his government collaborates in the investigation.

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