They have spread the clearest image of the Moon so far


We have all seen the moon, looking at the sky at night or through various photographs.

However, we had never appreciated the natural satellite as clearly as before, thanks to the work of the astrophotographer Andrew Mccarthy, which has reached this spectacular perspective using 50,000 images which combined and mounted in a single photograph with an incredible level of detail.

Through his social networks, Mccarthy explained the process and indicated that the image was created by a combination of acquisitions from two different cameras: one for capturing the external brightness and the stars, and one for capture the detail on the illuminated face of the moon

Those cameras were a Sony a7ii and a Zwo ASI 224MCbeing this last one a specialized camera for taking the space.

In addition, he used an Orion XT10 telescope and a very special motorized tripod for the telescope that allowed us to synchronize those acquisitions with the constant movement of our planet, the Moon and the stars.

Capturing so many images allows you to remove most of the blurring caused by atmospheric turbulence and also serves to avoid the noise generated by the image sensor.

Efforts were worth it, because the result was a photograph with a resolution of 81 megapixels.

However, it is not the first time that the photos of McCarthy attract the public's attention, as already demonstrated when they "portray" the Andromeda Galaxy and the Moon, the International Space Station (ISS) and the Moon of the Blood, a phenomenon in which Luna acquires a reddish hue.



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