They investigate a man in Burgos for hiding cameras at home to take intimate images of his wife and children

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The Civil Guardwithin the framework of the Operation ‘Spycam’investigates a 50-year-old man, I.F.Las the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of possession of child pornography and against privacy, after seizing a mobile phone with said material and several hidden cameras in his home with which he had recorded his wife and children in the bathroom and master bedroom, as reported to Europa Press by sources from the Armed Institute.

The study of his mobile terminal has uncovered the existence of 230 videos and 949 frames showing images of four people in intimate situations, which had been recorded with hidden cameras in his home.

Last March, the Civil Guard Command already reported the arrest of two people for a drug trafficking crime. The two occupants of a car were identified in bread basket when caught in a suspicious attitude. 2,300 grams of cocaine were seized and entered into the Burgos Penitentiary Center.

The study under a forensic program of the mobile terminal seized from one of them, IFL, judicially authorized to locate possible links with the drug traffickinguncovered the existence of several videos and stills taken from them, apparently ‘stolen’ images in which a woman and three minors appeared in intimate situations.

The seriousness of the recordings led the investigators to request a new judicial authorization to begin a detailed analysis of them, as it was a new criminal offense that had nothing to do with the initial one on drugs.

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