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The overflowing joy of Florence Penathe measured satisfaction of William Francellathe clenched fist of Marcelo Debellis and the serene happy greeting of the brothers Luisana and Dario Lopilato contrasted markedly with the anger of Erica Rivas. The return of Married with children – the theatrical version was announced, now, for 2023 – caused very different sensations in the members of the original cast of the “most repeated sitcom” in the history of Argentine television.

The reason for such nuances is simple and forceful: Erica is the only one left out of the return, this time on stage, from the fiction that “the whole country” saw at least one of the “thousand times” that it was repeated on Telefe. Everyone else is going to be there, but not her. its matchless Maria Elena Fuseneco either he will not participate (most likely) or he will have to be played by another actress, which can represent a frustration for fans of the cycle.

the anger of Erica The situation was revealed and evidenced in a note that he gave to “Caja Negra”, the interview space of the Filo.News portal. Relaxed, predisposed, verbose and loquacious, River spoke of her departure from the program and denounced, as never before, that she was “fired” from the cast because she represented a nuisance to the rest of her members.

“They kicked me out. They kicked me out for breaking my balls. They kicked me out because I’m a pain in the ass. I would love to say that everything is fine, but it makes me very angry,” Rivas said in “Caja Negra”.

“Why do I have to explain this if it’s so easy to understand?” he asked himself Rivas, who in recent days transcended the reason for an anger with Guillermo Francellaand right away it was answered “They fired me. They fired me for breaking my balls! It’s like that. They fired me because I’m a pain in the ass, do you understand me? I don’t know, I say, but why. And then they did this.”

The situation is neither minor nor pleasant for Ericawho did not present a partner again after separating from the actor Rodrigo de la Serna, who was her husband and is the father of her only daughter. Quite the opposite: she doesn’t like him and she still feels sick to her stomach about this whole thing. “I would love to be able to tell you “nooo, that’s it… Ready!” I really would love to. I swear, and at some point I’ll do it, but now it hurts a lot. And well… nothing… …what do I know. What we can say is that I tried. I tried a lot“, he broke down.

The relationship of Rivas with the “world Married with children” he became irremountable since he began to complain about the scripts and the jokes that were made, which he considered “old” and typical of a time that does not correspond to this one. She asked several times to change the arguments, but never received a positive response. The actress is a recognized militant of the feminist movement, and she had already starred in a heated controversy when she denounced Ricardo Darin in the middle of a confusing episode that was never entirely clear.

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