They mistake a teacher for a LoL professional in networks and a team hired her

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The Internet can lead to unexpected confusion. Some of them end in enormous chaos, but many others become stories worth telling. Today we have a case of the latter with the case of a teacher who, after being confused by a professional in League of Legends, ended up being hired by a professional team.

What happened was this: When she created her Twitter account, Emily Perkins, a physics teacher at a school in England, chose the username @Perkz. If you follow the competitive scene of League of Legends You know that that is the nickname with which Luka Perkovic is known, mid laner who has represented G2 and Cloud9.

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So when many Twitter users wanted to refer to Perkz (the player) they mentioned the account @Perkz. The problem with this is that his messages reached the teacher and not the professional whose current name on Twitter is @ C9Perkz.

The teacher is already part of Cloud9

This is a funny case, but we have seen things like this happen before. So what is it that makes this news?

It turns out that Cloud9, the team that Perkovic currently plays for, made the decision to sign Emily Perkins as the team’s representative.

“It may have started as an accident, but it blossomed into an amazing friendship. We are very happy to have @Perkz as part of # C9FAM and share our passion for gaming with her, ”Cloud9 mentioned on Twitter.

In his role as part of the esports organization, Perkins will make content for Cloud9 and will star in some of its live broadcasts. So don’t expect to see her substitute for PerkZ in a tournament of League of Legends.

And to you, what did you think of this case? Do you know any similar? Tell us in the comments.

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