They moved into Russia: – Did not meet resistance for several hours

WANT TO SHOW OFF: The Russian paramilitary fighters, who are supporting Ukraine in the war, photographed after returning from Russia on Wednesday.

After ending the military operation inside Russia, which lasted several days this week, the Russian anti-Putin fighters met the press. They describe little resistance from the Russian army.


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  • Two Russian paramilitary groups, the “Legion for Freedom of Russia” (LSR) and the “Russian Volunteer Corps” (RVC), which cooperate with Ukraine’s army, carried out a sabotage attack inside Russia this week.
  • The attacks took place in the Russian county of Belgorod, north of Ukrainian Kharkiv. The groups claim they met little resistance from the Russian army.
  • The LSR leader “Caesar” claimed that the goal of the operation could have been more ambitious, and that their fighters could have reached the city of Belgorod.
  • RVC Commander “White Rex” said they coordinated with the Ukrainian defense within Ukraine’s borders, but decisions outside the borders were their own.

This week’s sensational sabotage attacks inside Russia is above.

Two paramilitary groups, made up of Russians working with the Ukrainian army, attacked on Monday morning a Russian border post north of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, and moved many kilometers into the Russian county of Belgorod.

There they held out for several days.

– We have liberated part of Russia. It’s a small part, but this is just the beginning, said one group’s spokesmen to VG over the phoneTuesday afternoon.

Russian authorities claimed at the same time that the groups behind the attack had been defeated and driven out, and that at least 70 insurgents had been killed.

On Wednesday afternoon, fighters from the two groups “Legion for Freedom of Russia” (LSR) and “Russian Volunteer Corps” (RVC) returned to Ukrainian territory. There they held a press conference in a forest for dozens of journalists.

CLAIMS NO ONE WAS KILLED: Both groups claim none of their soldiers were killed in the operation.

The warriors gloated over the lack of resistance they encountered from the Russian army at the start of the operation:

The head of the LSR, a 50-year-old Russian nicknamed Caesar, told the press:

– The reaction from the Russians was very slow, disorganized and did not start until several hours had passed, he said.

He went on to say that the goal of the operation could have been more ambitious, claiming that their fighters could have reached the city of Belgorod if they had wanted to.

– Were you shot at, asks a reporter.

– Of course, but they hit us to a lesser extent than they hit civilian homes. They destroyed their own territory. It shows that the Kremlin doesn’t care who they kill, Ukrainians or Russians, as long as they stay in power.

“CAESAR”: The leader of the “Legion of Freedom for Russia” met the press on Wednesday.

The commander of the RVC, a man nicknamed White Rex, who is described by several media as far-right, also met the press.

He said accordingly The Guardian:

– You will see us again on the other side. I cannot reveal these upcoming surgeries, nor can I reveal where they will take place. The border is quite long, he said.

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The “Legion” replies: That is why we attacked Russia

On Monday, their fighters attacked a Russian border post and moved into Russian territory.

Russia has been claiming all this week that the attackers who invaded Russia are Ukrainian soldiers.

“White Rex” claims that the Ukrainian defense wished them “good luck” and that they gave the attackers advice, but that no Ukrainian soldiers crossed the border.

– Everything we do within the borders of Ukraine, we coordinate with the Ukrainian defence. Everything we do and every decision we make outside the borders are our own decisions, he said.

According to The New York Times White Rex was also confronted with accusations that he and several other Russians in the paramilitary groups are neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists.

He admits that he is “right-wing”, but denies leaning towards fascism.

– My goal is to help Ukraine win the war, and then continue inside Russia with armed revolution against the Putin government.

“WHITE REX”: The man who describes himself as a commander in the “Russian Volunteer Corps” also took part in the press conference.

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