“They only gave us the antidote”

About to enter the month of August, the rate of vaccination in Spain continues to increase And for weeks the youngest have been taking advantage to go to hospitals and receive the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

During these months, covid vaccines have been a recurring and controversial topic, in terms of their effectiveness and they have also been news those curious cases in which they have been inoculated badly, late, or in this case, some people have received up to 6 doses of the same vaccine.

This event has occurred in Seville. Up to 8 teachers from a small town in Seville received up to 6 doses of the same vaccine against COVID-19. Several weeks later they are all perfectly fine and they remember what happened as an anecdote.

The vaccine was not diluted in serum

They gave us only the antidote, it was not diluted in serum, they told us that we were going to be controlled at home, there was a daily call until the first weekend and that was the point, there was no longer any type of control or contact with us, “explains Vicente Asensio.

The error occurred in the Mobile Vaccination Unit against coronavirus located in San Juan de Aznalfarache and these eight people were called urgently when in that unit they realized the error that had been made when administering undiluted vaccines.

This error also occurred north of Germany and from an Italian nurse, yet it has hardly any side effects or serious consequences.

Actually, receiving 6 doses of the covid vaccine does not cause side effects or extra generation of antibodies, the only problem is the doses that are lost.

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