They promise more safety for health personnel after another violent event

The Rio Negro government promised to improve security in hospitals, after warning an increasing level of tension between patients, family members and health system workers. After the attack with a firearm suffered during the early hours of Thursday by a doctor in Campo Grande, that same day there were a second violent act in Roca, when a man verbally assaulted the personnel conducting rapid tests in the JJ Gómez neighborhood.

“We are going to analyze all the facts to improve safety in all hospitals. We have to understand that there is a general growth of malaise in the population. This does not justify any fact, but it calls us to alert on the need for new forms of State presence, with police, security or other personnel, based on the fact that the population is in very exacerbated spirits, “he said. the governor, Arabela Carreras.

The president visited the Campo Grande hospital on Thursday afternoon, where the doctor Alejandro Vega suffered the impact of three shots made by a man who surprised him seconds after the professional got out of the ambulance.

Almost simultaneously with that meeting, in Roca the workers who carry out the Detect Plan in the neighborhoods had to endure the reaction of a person who He was upset because he was told that his situation did not warrant a swab.

“It was an episode of verbal violence, totally reprehensible, that almost led us to have to call the police. All this type of reaction does is generate even more wear and tear on those who are in charge of Health in this pandemic and they put the continuity of the operation at risk “, indicated the director of the López Lima hospital, Ana Senesi.

Senesi explained that the verbal aggression occurred because many of the patients require testing when they do not have symptoms. “The criteria to perform the swab are defined by the Health personnel evaluating the conditions of each case and the protocols, not the patient. Swabs are done when there are symptoms, “he remarked, insisting that no act of violence will be tolerated.

“General anxiety”

Speaking to the Postscript program, Governor Carreras acknowledged that the safety of health personnel “is an aspect to analyze, to adjust public policies.”

“This is due to the general anxiety, the discomfort generated by the pandemic situation, the uncertainty, the confinement, a series of factors that acts on people’s spirits “, interpreted the president, clarifying later that “The crime and the attempt on the life of a person is another matter” and is “inadmissible in any state of law.”

On the scene prior to the two events that occurred this week, the governor indicated that no episodes had been reported “outside the usual tensions.”

“What there is is a very important demand, which imposes a very stressful rhythm, which also imposes a wait that stresses the spirits of relatives and patients. But any situation of tension has a limit, which is aggression towards any person and more towards health personnel, who are trying to save lives ”, he concluded.

Workers at the Campo Grande hospital called for a greater police presence at the institution, but they also made other demands on Governor Carreras and the Minister of Health, Fabián Zgaib.

During the separate meetings they had with both officials (the president visited the town on Thursday afternoon, after the activity in Vaca Muerta with President Fernández) the need for more human resources and the possibility of having oxygen to sustain beds in the healthcare center.

“It was an assembly in which we listened to the workers. We had to be present, it is a sad day and it is our duty to accompany the team and the family at this time, ”Zgaib said after their meeting.

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