They promote drugs in Mount Lebanon..and this is how the Information Division stopped them

Issued by the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division

The following notice:

Information was available to the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces about unidentified persons storing, packaging, distributing and distributing drugs within areas in the Mount Lebanon Governorate.

Immediately, the specialized units of the Division began their field and informational procedures to identify and arrest the network members who are carrying out the aforementioned operations.

s. a. (born in 1986, Syrian)
His two wives: – A. x. (born in 1994, Syria)

R. p. (born in 1974, Palestinian)

a. p. (born in 2001, Palestinian)
It was also found that there are two court warrants against R.A. for the offense of drug trafficking.

Accordingly, orders were given to work on determining their whereabouts and arresting them.

On 07/28-2022, and after a careful monitoring process, a patrol of the First Information Division spotted him while he was promoting drugs in Jounieh locality – Ghadeer Junction on a white pickup, where a tight ambush was set up in the locality, which resulted in his arrest. A quantity of Captagon pills and cannabis, a sum of money, and a cell phone.

Simultaneously, another patrol raided his house in the locality of Sarba – Dahr, and arrested his two wives.

By searching the house of (S.A.) and the electrical room in the building where he resides, I found: -406.2/g of Captagon pills, and 4.29/kg of cannabis, a sensitive scale, and empty bags used for packing drugs. and /3// books of cigarette rolling papers, sums of money, and/9/ cell phones.

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On 7/29/2022, and as a result of the follow-up, one of the Division’s patrols was able to arrest the latter in a tight ambush in the locality of Airport Road on a white “Hugo” motorcycle, and seized in his possession 2,385/kg of hashish and a cell phone.

By interrogating them, the first confessed to storing and packing drugs with the help of his two wives inside their house and transporting quantities of them to Sabra camp, and to having traded and promoted drugs to a number of customers on board the “pick-up” that was caught in his possession. By listening to his two wives, they confessed what was attributed to them, and (E.A.) stated that he had transported drugs from inside Burj Al-Barajneh camp and distributed them to dealers and promoters.

The legal requirement was carried out against them, and they were deposited with the seized reference, according to the court’s reference.

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