They punish the police who appeared in the picture with Pence with the conspiracy theory logo – El Nuevo Herald


An agent was separated from the SWAT team of Broward County for the use of a movement patch that defends "QAnon" conspiracy theories and links Democrats to pedophilia, while greeting US Vice President Mike at the airport pence. Fort Lauderdale

The Broward County Sheriff's Office told the Miami New Times that policeman Matt Patten was reprimanded for wearing a black "Q" on a red background, representing the movement mentioned above that defends conspiracy theories. very right and spread them on the internet.

The patch was detected in a photo published by Vice President Pence on his official Twitter account, which he later deleted and modified in another in which he appears with the officers, during his visit last week in South Florida.

The sheriff's office noted that "QAnon" is "controversial" and that the image of Patten with Pence had made the office politically appear "biased".

According to the theory, President Donald Trump secretly works to arrest a group of high-level pedophiles in Hollywood and the Democratic Party.

On Twitter, Pence was grateful to "the courageous members of the police who helped me with my visit to Florida".

The followers of "QAnon" have been presented in the Trump rallies in recent months.

The relationship between this movement and Trump has reached such a point that last August the president received at the White House one of the main promoters of "QAnon", Lionel Lebron.

According to experts who have studied this movement, most of the followers of "QAnon" are "evangelical faithful to Trump who believe in anti-liberal narratives (in the American sense) and that may be more naive than other people".



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