They put the governor in a dilemma for Ricky Martin’s concert

Whom they put between a rock and a hard place, they tell us, was the governor of Zacatecas, David Monreal Avila (Morena), with the famous free concert by Ricky Martin that two years ago was canceled for the fair and that now it could be a reality. They also explain to us that recently the Secretary of State Public Function announced that they detected diversion of resources committed by Benjamin Medranoat that time coordinator of the Board of Trustees of the Fair, for which don Benjamin He responded with a video in which he assures that said presentation was fully paid for and that the artist is ready to sing. Livin’ the crazy lifesince it is only required that Don David decide the place and cover some “minimal expenses” of logistics and security. will you accept Don David?

Uncomfortable profit by fire

Where several raised eyebrows remained, they tell us, was in Baja California Sur, after the tragedy caused by the fire that consumed more than 40 homes in the community of Santiago, in Los Cabos. They tell us that several politicians took the opportunity to go and have their photo taken with their generous donation, as was the case with Senator Lucia Trasvina Waldenrath (Morena), who offered 250 thousand pesos, while the local deputies, led by the president of the Government and Political Coordination Board, Jose Maria Aviles (Morena), gave a symbolic “check” for 1.5 million pesos and even announced it in bulletins, although several considered that it was more political profit than “fraternal solidarity.” ouch!

“Night of drinks” leaves it out

From Hidalgo they tell us that the person they put on their feet in the street was the head of the Banking Industrial Police, Rodrigo Leon Ceron, after tremendous scandal. They comment that Don Rodrigo He was involved in an accident while intoxicated, where a young man on a motorcycle was severely injured. The worst thing, they say, was that when he was arrested he wanted to show off and applied the classic: “You don’t know who I am”, which was of no use to him and when we thought we had seen everything, Don Rodrigo assured about the incident that it had been his brother and not him, so the governor omar fayad (PRI) did not hesitate to fire him, although he left several pending to be clarified before the Superior State Audit Office. What a chip!

Commission existential crisis

Who is “very busy” in Sonora, they share with us, is the head of the State Search Commission, Jose Luis Gonzalez Olivarriaalthough no one knows what. They tell us that the Searching Mothers of Sonora sent an email in a timely manner at the beginning of March, addressed to the commission to request trained personnel for a search, 4×4 trucks, tools and hydrating drinks. Two days laterDon Jose Luis responded in an official letter that the unit could not accompany them and it was impossible to support them, although, they explain, the group made the request by mere protocol, because in reality not even an envelope of serum has been provided to them and without state resources they have overcome adversity, for what more than one asks, then, what is that commission looking for?

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