The new mountain rescue device Elur has managed to raise the 200,000 necessary for its financing through the platform Bizkaia crowdfunding, initiative promoted by the Deputation Foral of the territory. The project is the first device capable of covering both the rescue in case of buried victim, as in the long distance and its manufacture and marketing is planned for the second half of this year.

In a statement, the provincial institution has indicated that the funds for its financing obtained through the platform of the Provincial Council, “will allow the promoters of Elur to work on the prototypes of the rescue system, making the final adjustments and tests before facing the marketing phase. “

The project started in 2018, and since then they have worked to find a technological solution capable of solving the needs that arise when carrying out a mountain rescue by a team made up of Jon Barredo Muro, June Sáenz de Urturi, Asier Palacios Lobo and the mountaineer Álex Txikon.

In this time, research has allowed the development of a device “capable of saving lives both in the short distance, locating those people who have suffered an avalanche or any type of burial, and in the long distance, helping in the rescue of an injured person or lost in the wild. “

To verify its correct operation, the Elur device has been tested by various rescue teams, including the Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group (GREIM), the Ertzaintza or the DYA, and “has been taken to the extreme, carrying out tests on the San Francisco volcano in Argentina, with an altitude of 6,041 meters, and in K2 in Pakistan, whose height exceeds 7,000 meters. “

After obtaining the funds to cover this first round of investment, the Elur promoter team will proceed, from now on, to “develop the final device and carry out a new round of testing in all situations”. Once the device has completed its development, those responsible for the project plan to open a new round of investment, during the second half of 2020, whose objective will be to manufacture and market the device.

Crowdfunding Bizkaia is the first platform of these characteristics promoted by a public administration and has been designed at Seed Capital Bizkaia as “an alternative financing for projects and innovative ideas”. It is also “a network of people who cooperate to support an idea or project by making money contributions through the platform and all the projects have undergone a detailed analysis.”


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