They remodel a 17-year-old iPod to stream Spotify

Guy Dupont defines himself Twitter as a ‘technological creator’. Seeing what it is capable of, it seems like a really accurate description. His latest invention has consisted of remodel a 17-year-old iPod and get it to stream Spotify.

Dupont himself has uploaded a video to YouTube in which he explains the process. I change the original hardware for a Raspberry Pi Zero W board, it also included an LCD screen, a motor to achieve haptic feedback and a rechargeable battery through a microUSB port. With Python he completely revamped the navigation interface.

The sPot, which is what this technological innovator has called his ultra-modern iPod, plays virtually any digital audio format and is capable of wireless access to everything. the Spotify library. Ultimately, Dupont has respected the outward appearance of its 17-year-old iPod, but turned its guts upside down. It is a luck of technological trompe l’oeil, more striking and curious than effective.

On your page GitHub, Dupont stores all your creations and, among them, the iPod that streams Spotify. There you can find the codes and, if you are a little handyman, who knows if you can do it yourself give a new life to your old iPod.

The history of the iPod

Now it seems old and, perhaps, of little use. But it must be valued in its proper measure and the reality is that the iPod it marked a before and after in terms of technological innovation. It was an unparalleled breakthrough for music lovers, They suddenly realized that they could carry their favorite music in a small device that could fit anywhere.

In January 2001, Apple He launched iTunes. Months later, in October, it was time to the first generation of iPod. In 2003 (after having released the second generation in 2002) they reached one million units sold. In 2004 the iPod Mini appeared and, a year later, the historic iPod Nano, which became the best-selling player ever. Apple launched the iPhone 3G in 2008. It was, of course, the beginning of the fall of the iPod. For the annals of technology it remains when, in 2010, Apple reported that they had reached 275 million iPods sold since its inception.

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