They report the sexual assault of a six-year-old girl by three schoolmates in Montijo

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The Association Against Bullying (ACOES) has reported the sexual assault suffered by a six-year-old girl by three students from her school in Montijo during the last year, according to Canal Extremadura.

According to the organization, the three children dragged the minor by her legs and arms behind a hedge. There, they pulled down her underwear and scratched her private parts. In addition, they rubbed stones and sand on her genitals, causing injuries that her parents initially attributed to playing in the yard.

The youngest, who is still in the same center, has been separated from one of her alleged harassers so that they do not cross paths in the patio, dining room or hallways (the other two have been moved from the center).

The attacks occurred throughout the year and the tutor observed a change in the girl’s attitude, something that the mother corroborated. Therefore, the parents asked the center to have the assessment team study the case but the school refused, saying that they had a heavy workload.

ACOES denounces that the school has not treated the case as it should and that the Civil Guard has filed the case since the alleged aggressors are minors under 14 years of age. They therefore ask for a change in the regulations for these events and for recesses to be monitored with more emphasis.

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