They reported 375 cases of coronavirus and there are already more than 11,000 in Entre Ríos – Society

The Entre Ríos Epidemiological Surveillance area confirmed that this Saturday, 375 new cases of coronavirus were registered and thus, there are 11,186 confirmed cases in the province.

According to the report of the Ministry of Health, 13 departments added positive this Saturday. The department with the most confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic is Paraná. Elonce.

Parana: 172

Gualeguaychú: 45

Federation: 34

Concordia: 33

Uruguay: 28

Diamante: 22

Gualeguay: 18

Peace: 8

Victoria: 4

Colon: 4

Villaguay: 4

Number: 2

San Salvador: 2

Reclassification within the Paraná department: one case is subtracted from the town of María Grande and added to the capital city.

Thus, in the province there are 11,186 confirmed cases in the province.

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