This Wednesday afternoon, Radio Bío Bío sources revealed a photograph of Hernán Calderón Argandoña handcuffed inside the El Cedro psychiatric clinic, where he is currently serving his preventive detention.

At the same time, the same sources confirmed that after 5:00 p.m. Gendarmerie arrived to the dependencies to verify their condition.

Added to this, the other objective was to establish the existence of security measures inside the enclosure.

In this regard, La Radio can confirm that the accused of frustrated parricide against his father will pass day and night in the company of two gendarmes.

Calderón Jr. will not have cell phone access either and will have restricted visits. In addition, the young man will be handcuffed and shackled 24 hours a day.


In a decision perhaps never seen before, the Fourth Guarantee Court of Santiago He issued preventive detention against the accused, but partially agreed to the defense’s request.

Thus, he ordered the young man return to the psychiatric center to which he entered, and where they detained him, until he is “compensated.”

Along these lines, the judge established that the treating doctor must report his health condition within a maximum period of seven days, so that Calderón Jr. begins to comply with the precautionary measure in Santiago 1.

The justice decision was reproached by the Eastern Prosecutor’s Office and the prosecuting body announced that it will appeal so that the benefit is reverted and the accused is transferred to the capital prison.