‘They say I ruined her life’: mum harassed on social media since revealing her baby’s name

Brittany, a very active young mother on TikTok, wanted to be original when finding a name for her baby, reports the Sun. She chose to call her Seven Simba. The woman shared her son’s birth certificate on TikTok to prove her claim. Brittany clarified that they had considered “Teddy, BluPhoenix, Mowgli et Killian”.

But she adds that if Seven grows up and doesn’t like her name, he can make the decision to change it later on his own.

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It’s just a name that we liked! Additionally, 7 is an important number in our life and our relationship, so it made sense“Brittany explained.Seven can change it if he wants when he’s older“.

But her subscribers did not have the reaction she hoped for. Many have criticized the parents’ choice of little Seven Simba. You have to to joke? Wow“, commented a user.The poor kid’s gonna have to grow up with that name all his life.“, threw a other person.

Annoyed by the many criticisms, Brittany explained that she was harassed on social networks because of the first name of her son. She does not understand this surge of hatred. She decided to tell what she is going through so that the detractors become aware of their actions.

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