They sell the house where the movie ‘El conjuro’ was filmed again

The house where the movie was shot in 2013 “The spell”, directed by James Wan and starring Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and Ron Livingston, set in Harrisville, Rhode Island, was put up for sale since its current owner assures having experienced paranormal phenomena as reported in the film, said the local press.

Among them, he spoke of strange echoes and doors that were closing without any explanation in the famous property, much visited from the outside by tourists, although the owner – whose name was not communicated – offers it for a price three times higher to the one who acquired it two years ago.

The person who bought the house is a fan of paranormal phenomena and at first commented that he had bought it to try to capture something inside, although some suspect that it is someone who takes advantage of the fame of the place with the intention of earning more money.

The house was built in 1836, has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, is in the middle of a farm and there the story was filmed in which some investigators from the underworld work to Help a family terrified by a dark presence.

The story is nourished by reality, when in the 70s the family that inhabited the place assured experiencing paranormal events on the property; in 2011 the writer Andrea Perron published the book “House of darkness, house of light”, which speaks to the subject.


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