they tear off her crown, she runs away in tears and ends up in hospital – Libero Quotidiano

Clamorous brawl live in the competition of Mrs Sri Lanka 2021, in which only married beauty queens can participate. The winner was literally brutalized from the miss of the previous edition, which reached her on stage during the award ceremony, she faced her hard-nosed and got them ripped off the diadem, to give it to the second classified. The winner “for a few seconds” reported one head injury but above all it was so much humiliated to escape behind the scenes, in tears, while the former miss and the other competitors celebrated the second classified, definitely amazed at what had just happened.

The reason for the brawl broadcast live on national TV? Caroline Jurie removed the crown a Pushpika De Silva accusing her of being divorced. After the general confusion, the organizers decided to return the title to the legitimate owner, denying the defamatory accusation (for local culture) of the former Miss. “There is a rule that prevents women who have already been married and divorced, so I moved to give the crown to the runner-up,” explained Jurie. The gesture, however, could cost her dearly, because De Silva, after having seen her victory recognized (and ended up in hospital) in a Facebook post announced that she wanted to take legal action for the behavior “unreasonable and offensive“from my colleague.” There are many single mothers like me today who suffer in Sri Lanka – is her message -. This crown is dedicated to those women, to those single mothers who suffer to raise their children alone “.

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