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They threaten the captain who investigated the death of Javier Ordóñez in the Police – Investigative Unit

The Prosecutor’s Office is tracking who, within the Police, extracted from the SIATH system of the institution the photo of the captain in charge of the internal investigation into the death of Javier Ordóñez, a victim of police brutality.

The photo was used within a message that reached his WhatsApp saying: “You are a hp. The only thing you deserve is to die like that tinterillo lawyer. Go and keep him company, toad hp (…) He was already ticketed (sic) by Face so that they know him, hp “.

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This is the message that circulated through networks with the photo that someone extracted from the Police system.

Indeed, minutes before they had uploaded the same photo to that network with a broader message in which they pointed that “amangualado with several generals” was the cause of leaving seven soldiers without sustenance, linked to the disciplinary investigation after Ordóñez’s death, which the Police Inspection passed to the Attorney General’s Office.

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By that time, the institution, headed by General Óscar Atehortúa, had already ordered the suspension of patrolmen Juan Camilo Lloreda and Harby Damián Rodríguez. And then he did the same with five more uniformed men. In fact, it was ordered that the command line of the CAI of Villa Luz be investigated.

You are a hp. The only thing you deserve is to die like that tinterillo lawyer. Go and keep him company, toad hp (…) He was already ticketed (sic) by Face so that they know him, hp

Patrolmen Ordóñez case

The Prosecutor’s Office asked to prosecute two of the patrols for aggravated murder and torture.

The threatened captain, a member of the Inspection’s special investigation group, was in charge of collecting the initial evidence and the first to inspect the CAI. In addition, he notified the decisions made by the Police before the case passed to the Attorney General’s Office by preferential power.

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In the message released by Facebok they also point out to the officer having participated in the disciplinary investigation that is being followed by the alleged irregular construction of 111 public houses, which have General Atehortúa in disciplinary proceedings, who has denied the allegations.

Until the war that captain made our director of the Police. Know him so that, companions, you do not fall into the hands of this gentleman and much less its direct boss ”, referring to the Police Inspector William Salamanca, whom the President ordered to incorporate after being sent 400 days of vacation.

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The threat to the captain of the Ordóñez case is already in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office, which has just assigned investigators.

EL TIEMPO omits the officer’s photo as a means of protection.

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