They took their name without asking? The company’s attorney spoke


Thursday, March 23 (18:00)

On March 16, the speedway club from Zielona Góra announced that it would ride under the name Falubaz, although it lost the right to use it in January. From people around Piotr Gwizd, the president of Falubaz Polska, which only has the right to the name, we hear that the club did it without their consent. More information was provided by Attorney Jarosław Kurzawski, attorney of Mr. Gwizd.

Krzysztof Buczkowski and Piotr Protasiewicz

In January, the speedway Falubaz Zielona Góra lost the right to use the name. The Court of Justice of the European Union granted exclusivity to Falubaz, a company dealing in the production of textile and construction machinery.

The falubaz appeared and disappeared

When 13 mark the announcement with the matches of the 1st round of the 1st Speedway League was released, we could see that Falubaz changed into ZKŻ. However, already 16 markat a press conference it was announced that the club would go under the name Enea Falubaz. We hear from people associated with Falubaz that the club did it without their consent, i.e. illegally. We also asked the patron representing the Falubaz company whether the club received permission.

I can say that Falubaz Polska SA contacted ZKŻ Zielona Góra. We await developments – attorney Jarosław Kurzawski, attorney of Mr. Piotr Gwizd, the owner of the company, tells us.

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Attorney Falubaz Polska: We remain open

We asked if there had been any contact from the club since the end of the case at the EU Court of Justice, but the lawyer did not want to answer this question directly. – I’ll leave that between us for now – said Mr. Kurzawski to this, but also to the next question, whether Falubaz Polska SA contacted to protest in connection with the conference at which the club announced the start under the name to which it lost the right.

– Our contact concerns the principles of further cooperation – Kurzawski specifies, which would prove that the company, although it won the dispute in the EU Court, is more interested in settling the case than the club. The company is aware that the subject is delicate, that the fans have become accustomed to the name Falubaz. – We initiated many conversations. We remain open, he adds.

At the aforementioned conference, the representative of the club, Wojciech Domagała, spoke about the name issue. – Let’s leave the activities to the plenipotentiaries and representatives of both parties. We shouldn’t worry – he said, although there is probably something to worry about, since the club at the conference announces that it is going under a name to which it has no right. There is also no agreement with the company that owns this right.

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