They track a thousand million pesos deviated in the Mancera government

The Local Attorney General’s Office (FGJ), as part of the investigation to impute the crime of illicit enrichment and embezzled 23 officials of the past administration, traces more than one billion pesos that were allegedly embezzled from the Government of Mexico City during the administration of the current senator Miguel Angel Mancera, all according to the investigations, in which he would be involved Julio Cesar Serna, who was his chief of staff and is currently in custody.

One of the main lines of investigation in the case refers to the alleged creation of shell companies, as well as various name-holders, to extract money from various agencies such as the Housing Institute (Invi), the Ministry of Mobility (Samos), the Central de Abastos (yield), and even the Commission for the Reconstruction of Homes, after the 2017 earthquake, among other institutions. And these resources, part of the treasury, would have ended up in tax havens.

As part of that investigation, and after having sufficient and necessary evidence to continue with the investigation, Julio César Serna, the alleged leader of this group of officials from the past administration and a politician close to the former head of government, Miguel Ángel Mancera, He is in the North Prison, and at least three accounts in national banks were frozen.

The capital prosecutor’s office announced that after the hearing to comply with the arrest warrant, a Control judge imposed justified preventive detention as a precautionary measure on Julio César Serna, for his probable participation in the crime of illicit enrichment. The suspect was apprehended in the Mayor Álvaro Obregón, by agents of the Investigative Police last Saturday.

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According to the case file, during the period between 2008 and 2018, Julio César Serna held various positions in the local public administration, such as general director of Ceda and general coordinator of the cabinet at the Headquarters, positions that he probably would have used to increase his heritage.

In this sense, it was announced that one of the priority objectives of the FGJ is to recover the resources that were “misused” for the benefit of a financial structure, so it is not ruled out reaching a possible reparation agreement with former officials and that in exchange for their freedom or a lesser sentence, they hand over the more than one billion pesos investigated, as Miguel Ángel Vásquez, former undersecretary of Human Capital in Mancera’s management and today a protected witness of the prosecution could do.

Former boss sees political overtones

Miguel Ángel Mancera assured that the arrests of his former collaborators “inevitably” have had political overtones, as many of them have proven their innocence and have been acquitted. He said calm and ready to clarify any issue.

The coordinator of the FART in the Senate assured that he is not surprised by Serna’s apprehension, but fully trusts in his innocence, so he hopes that he will be given the guarantee of hearing and that each and every one of the procedural guarantees will be respected, in addition to that the authority act in strict accordance with the law.

“Hopefully there is no type of political chicana, that an agile litigation is allowed and not eternal or eternal, so that I can verify what he always said, because as far as I know, Julio was always here, in the City, and it is an investigation that dates practically four years ago.

“I have always reiterated that I hope or hope that there were no political overtones, but inevitably they are the dyes that are taken in this kind of affairs, thus we have been almost four years. (…) And obviously the political scene is present and more elections are coming and this is not going to stop, ”he said.

Regarding the case, the Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, agreed that the prosecution takes into account the reparation of the treasury for acts of corruption by means of the extinction of ownership of the detainees’ properties. However, Sheinbaum said that this will depend on the agency, but that the prosecutor Ernestina Godoy agrees with the issue of compensation to the victims, “it is one of the guidelines that has been followed in other cases and that in these cases as well” , he assured.

Regarding the arrest of Julio Serna, former chief of cabinet in the government of Mexico City during the Mancera administration, the capital president commented that it is part of the investigations against former officials carried out by the FGJ, even to find out if they have an enrichment greater than that they had reported in their wealth declarations.

* With information from Salvador Corona and Víctor Gamboa.

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