They want Mexico as the producer of the CanSino vaccine for Latam

From its plant located in Querétaro and after being selected by Latam Pharma, the company Drugmex has produced around 11 million doses of the CanSino vaccine, which have been used in the national territory, however, they see potential and advantages to distribute them to other countries in the region in a second stage.

In an interview with Forbes Mexico, Jorge Ortiz Palomino, CEO of Drugmex, points out that they have the capacity to produce between 85 and 95 million doses per yearHowever, it is subject to the availability of the biological that arrives from China.

“To date, all the doses produced in our plant are distributed in Mexico, as part of the first agreement for 35 million doses with CanSino Biologics, However, it is intended that in a second stage they can be distributed from here to other countries in the region with the same need to vaccinate their population to face the pandemic of the Covid-19 ”, affirms.

In fact, Carolina Puerta Ocampo, Head of Public Relations at Latam Pharma, agrees and points out that something that is taken into account are the logistical advantages of Mexico to distribute, in a second phase, the CanSino Biologics vaccine in the region.

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The directive highlights that among the advantages of the vaccine is that it can be stored at a temperature between 2 and 8 ° C, the same as a conventional refrigerator, unlike vaccines from other brands that require deep-freezing, a relevant factor in particular for Latin America and the Caribbean, since there are communities that are difficult to access.

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“We are convinced that the experience for Mexico is of great importance. A safe vaccine is being developed at the Drugmex headquarters in Querétaro, which follows all the protocols and quality standards for a vaccine of this type. and of course, its trained and qualified personnel will be able to develop immunobiological drugs of another type later on, ”he says.

Carolina Puerta considers thate the need to maintain a constant supply of the vaccine for Covid-19 is something that will accompany us in the following years in a very important way and although in time the urgency with which it is required today may decrease, it is most likely that it will become part of the recurrent vaccination picture as it happens with others such as influenza or measles.

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Thus, the most convenient for Mexico would be not only to maintain this experience in the production of immunobiological drugs, but to promote its growth, given that the needs of Latin America and the Caribbean in this section are very varied; Likewise, it would be appropriate to strengthen the capacity to develop and distribute these drugs from the Mexican Republic.

In fact, the Latam Pharma board says that in parallel they are analyzing other alliances with more manufacturing companies (CMOs) in the region so that their services have a greater reach.

The challenges to manufacture the vaccine in Mexico

Ortiz Palomino says that when they were selected to carry out the process of fill and finish of the CanSino Biologics vaccine in the country, this previous experience and the infrastructure we have was taken into account.

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“The most important work has to do with the coordination of activities with Latam Pharma and the visits of Chinese scientists to the plant to carry out staff training. and to supervise that the transfer of knowledge and process engineering was carried out in accordance with the specifications required for the preparation of the vaccine, ”he said.

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Likewise, the director of Drugmex indicates that also it was necessary to acquire machinery for some processes, for example, to store both the biological and the finished vaccines at the ideal temperature, which was done at a time when all countries required the same resources with the same urgency, so it was a challenge.

An issue that has been talked about little is the severe shortage of inputs for the production of vaccines worldwide. As a consequence of the partial or total closure of activities at a global level, as well as the demand for supplies by all vaccine producers in the world, it has been a real challenge to ensure the inventories of these supplies, ”he added.

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