They were together for ten months and he was her first boyfriend: the love story of Julieta Rossi and Fernando Báez Sosa


It’s almost seven in the afternoon on Thursday, February 13 when Julieta Rossi (18) opens the door of her house in the neighborhood of Caballito. He proposes that the interview be in the living room, because his room is a “chaos.” “It was like I left it before I went to Villa Gesell”explains to Infobae in reference to the trip to the coast, which he made on January 16 at dawn with his group of friends. Two days later, her boyfriend Fernando Báez Sosa was brutally murdered by a group of rugbiers at the bowling gate Le brique, located on Avenida 3 and Paseo 102.

-What do you remember from the night of January 18?

-Not much. I was with him in the bowling alley. We were dancing with friends and, in a moment, he told me that he was going to see Neo Pistea’s concert. “I love you. Then I come looking for you, ”he told me and left. But he did not come back. I looked inside and did not find it. When I left they were already doing CPR.

On January 19, Julieta and Fernando would have turned 11 months of dating. Today, February 14, they would be celebrating their first day of lovers.

A love that remained in the inkwell

Julieta Rossi and Fernando Báez Sosa met at the Marianist College. They were not in the same division, but they had friends in common. In February 2018, they participated in the Serve Project (the students of the Institution perform masonry tasks in some entity with social purposes that require it) and, little by little, they began to establish a relationship.

“When we went on a trip for graduates to Bariloche, he faced me for the first time. We were in the bowling Brain at the fluo party. There we took our first kiss”, Julieta tells this media.

– Did you make a formal proposal of courtship?

-Yes. But it was only in March 2019. As I do dance, I insisted that he accompany me to a Tango class. Then we went to watch a movie at his house and, in a moment, he told me he wanted to tell me something. I felt it a little, but I played dumb. “Don’t scare me Fer. What happened? ”He said. So He asked me if I wanted to be the girlfriend. I said “yes” and we both started to cry.

-What did you enjoy doing together?

-Everything. We danced, we sang with Karaoke, we played games, we had fun with anything. We painted our faces, I put on makeup or he made up on me.

-They also had signed up to pursue law school together, right?

-We signed up together, but before I started I switched to Architecture. Later, I realized that it was not my thing. So, in the middle of the year, I started the Law CBC. I had to take all subjects with Fer. We made a good pair: I took notes and he summed up the books. Then we passed the texts. It went very well. I still have two subjects to complete the basic cycle.

– Do you plan to retake the Faculty?

On July 2, 2019, Juliet turned 18. Last night I had invited a friend to sleep, who plotted with Fernando so he could surprise her. “I was sleeping and, suddenly, I felt like a weight on me. It was him: he had thrown himself on top of me. He brought me some pancakes, a sign that said “Happy Birthday” and the distance bracelet. Mine was all green with a black ball and his was all black with a green ball. It’s called that because it’s like it connects you. I have the little black part that is his and he has the little green part that is mine, ”says Juliet.

-I started to cry because I am re maricona. He also brought me some vouchers, which are like little papers that said: “Ok to go to the park” or “Ok to go rollers” and I had to introduce them. There were several that were funny, like “It is worth Fer staying if you have to go” or “Ok for hugs” and put “unlimited use.”

-Did you celebrate the anniversaries?

-Yes, all 19 of each month. We gathered at the house of either of them and made snacks with chocotorta. Once we went to the Costa Park and we threw ourselves into the extreme Vertigo game. There I told him that he was my adventure partner. We had so many things to do …

-You said that the day Fernando proposed to you to be the bride they had gone to dance tango. Was he a good dancer?

-I danced better than me. That day, we were the only young people in the class and, when we had to change partners, we looked at each other and laughed.

What other things do you remember from the time they were dating?

-A trip to Entre Ríos with my family. We stayed until 5 in the morning playing table tennis or to the pool in the yard and then we went to the beach.

During the report, Juliet passes from laughter to tears and vice versa. At times, the words don’t come out and he drowns in a cry. Apologize. Look down. The nose is blown with a napkin. “Sometimes I get up and think that everything is a dream, but then I realize that it is not”, He says.

-Yes, but I don’t dream nice things. I dream about what happened, in different ways.

Regarding the mediation of the case, Julieta says she is 100% informed: she watches television and reads everything that is published on social networks. “Nobody wants to see the video where they are pooping it, but I need to know what happened. I can’t fall now because if the family is wrong, friends are wrong, someone has to do something. I’m going to have my moment to fall, but it’s not now, ”he says in tears.

A week ago he started therapy. At the moment he went to a single session. However, where he goes every day is the Chacarita Cemetery. I try to go almost always because I feel that if he is not alone. I bring flowers, food, sometimes I speak alone or I stare, ”he says.

-How is your relationship with Silvino and Graciela, Fernando’s parents?

-I love them very much. It hurts a lot to see Graciela like that. I write to him every day, but what will he tell me? Sometimes I will visit them: I sit on Fer’s bed and talk. Mom tells me to check her things, but I don’t dare. I do not like. It makes me bad.

-In the peaceful sitting they did on January 23 at the door of Fernando’s house, many people brought you rosaries and gifts. What does that generate for you?

-I think that because of the impact the case had, there are many people who, at some point, believe they know Fer and his family. Everyone tells you that now you have an angel in heaven taking care of you, but I don’t know if I want an angel in heaven taking care of me. I don’t want any more angels in heaven taking care of me. It’s horrible because you know you’ll never be better, because what you need is to be here and nobody can give you that.

-What would you like to happen regarding the conviction?

-I would like to be prisoners. Everyone wants them to be prisoners. Same, nothing will give me back to Fer, nor will he relieve the pain. The worst: when there is already a conviction, what will happen? Yes, they will be prisoners, but what do we do here?

In a box of orange slippers, the same one that he took to the cemetery on the day of the funeral, Julieta keeps Fernando’s memories as a treasure. Decide to share it with Infobae at the end of the report On the mouse table, he carefully supports what he is getting: a picture frame with a photo of them that he gave him for an anniversary; a green photo album that has both initials engraved; a leather belt; Fernando’s favorite perfume in deodorant version; the vouchers for “a snack” and “walks to the park” that were left undone …

From a white envelope, the young woman takes out a love letter written by hand by Fernando. He flips through the first page, turns it around and smiles. He wants to read a fragment out loud, but he can’t. The words don’t come out. Again he drowns in a cry.


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