They will launch a video game console that will allow you to mine tokens while having fun

The blockchain platform Zilliqa announced this week that it will launch in 2023 a video game console based on the Web 3.0which has as a novelty the mining the ZIL token.

This console has own games, a digital wallet and functions for mining, reported Zilliqa on his Twitter account.

“The console and the Zilliqa game center will allow people earn money while having funwithout the complexity of managing the cryptocurrencies they are earning,” said the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Valentin Cobelea.

It is equipment for mining ZIL tokens will include apps and crypto games and, in addition, it will give players the possibility to earn rewards or buy and sell in the market.

Launch in early 2023

Valentín Cobelea reported that the console of Zilliqa It will be released in the first quarter of 2023 with two games available.

He indicated that later more games from various gamer content creators will be added to the cryptographic area.

“We have no doubt that we can become the equivalent of Steam for the games Web 3.0”, he narrowed down.

This Zilliqa console will seek to make its way into the area of ​​video games that has historically been dominated by PlayStation, Nintendo y Xbox.

Console First Impressions

So far Zilliqa has not offered further details about the console; however, in some photos published on their Twitter account, the team can be seen with a puerto HDMI, ranuras Ethernet, USB-C y USB 3.0.

The Zilliqa team has discreetly handled aspects associated with the hardware, although some media have stated that it will have the potential to address the complexity of games. Web 3.0.

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The console will have a game center that will serve as online store to distribute the titles it will support.

There are details of the team that are still kept secret.
There are details of the team that are still kept secret.

What is Zilliqa?

Zilliqa is a company founded in 2017 which operates with layer 1 smart contracts.

He has recently made efforts to expand his influence in the area of ​​video games, joining Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA) in April 2022.

The company has partnered with esports leaders such as MAD Lions, RRQ, Alien Worlds y XBorg.

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