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That was not a result that Thijs H. and his family hoped for, even if the suspect did not show it. He listened seemingly unaffected. Nor is it the outcome that the Public Prosecution Service would have liked most. That demanded 24 years in prison and TBS a month ago and still says to find an appropriate punishment. On the defense side, an appeal is certainly obvious.

Lawyers Serge Weening and Joost de Bruin believe that Thijs H. cannot be blamed for his actions because he acted entirely under the influence of a psychosis. But just like the Public Prosecution Service, the court did not agree with the experts from the Pieter Baan Center, who consider Thijs H. to be completely insane.

The court found that he showed that he did know what he was doing. After the murders, he sought out information about psychoses, looked at symptoms and led his practitioners to the garden.

It is certain that there was a ‘serious mental disorder’, but it was not such that Thijs H. was no longer able to make his own assessments, the court concludes. In addition, Thijs H. is partly to blame for the situation he got into by using drugs against the explicit advice of doctors, by taking medication that was not prescribed and not taking the prescribed medicines.

When he set out to kill people on May 3 and 7, he did not do so on a whim or under the full influence of a disorder, the court ruled. He made sure he couldn’t be traced on his phone and brought a large carving knife. He also initially decided to ignore the murder orders he received after making his first victim. On the Brunssummerheide he left a potential victim, because it might be someone who could resist too much. This all points to the possibility to deliberate and also to premeditated thought: murder. No manslaughter, according to the court.

The court considers it of the utmost importance in the interest of the safety of society that Thijs H. be treated quickly. According to the experts, the risk of recurrence is very high. For that reason, the court also believes that treatment should start after 6 years, if Thijs H. has served a third of his sentence. Normally this happens after serving two thirds of the sentences imposed.

The surviving relatives, through their lawyers, responded with satisfaction, despite the fact that the prison sentence was much lower. Lawyer Phil Boonen says that the relatives of the victims on the Brunssummerheide, Diny and Frans, are especially relieved that the court Thijs H. does not believe when he says that he was controlled by his psychosis. “They are also not against his treatment starting earlier than usual. The longer you wait, the smaller the chance of a good result. They are at peace with it. ”

Lawyer Sébas Diekstra who assists the husband of Thijs H.’s first victim Etsuko and Diny’s twin sister says that “their greatest fear was that the court would also be fooled by Thijs H. Of course there is no punishment for the families high enough, but they think this is an appropriate and acceptable verdict. ” Incidentally, according to Diekstra, the relatives assume that the minister will only start Thijs H.’s TBS treatment after serving two-thirds of the sentence.

The Public Prosecution Service is satisfied that the court has adopted almost all considerations of the public prosecutors. Press officer Anneke Rogier: “We are still convinced that 24 years in prison was an appropriate punishment.” Rogier does not rule out an appeal.

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