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Things That Make Women Unable to Achieve Orgasm and How to Overcome Them Page all – It’s no secret sex is one of the factors that determine happiness in the household.

Unfortunately, not all women can feel pleasure when making love with a partner.

According to Cleveland Cinic women’s health specialist, Pelin Batur, there are many things that prevent women from enjoying sex.

“Pain during sex, difficulty reaching climax, low libido, or drowsiness, there are many things that prevent women from enjoying sex,” said Batur.

Whatever the reason, Batur advised women to be open about it because sexual health is important.

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In addition, women’s sex drive also fluctuates frequently. This can be triggered by various factors such as hormones, stress, problems in relationships, and the like.

“A person’s libido is like gas and brakes. The speed can vary throughout life,” said Batur.

Batur also said the key to overcoming this problem is knowing the trigger.

Here are various factors that can prevent women from enjoying sex and how to overcome them:

1. Stress

Stress can also lower libido levels, making many women reluctant to make love when they experience stress in their lives.

“Stress is usually not realized. Try to relax. If after that the sex session feels fun, stress could be the trigger,” said Batur.

Therefore, finding ways to relieve stress can be one way to increase intimacy between partners.

2. Pain

Pain during sex can prevent a woman from reaching orgasm. Pain during sex can be caused by pelvic floor dysfunction that makes the muscles in the pelvic floor unable to relax, causing pain during intercourse.

This condition can be overcome by doing physical therapy. In addition, changes in estrogen and testerone levels can also cause pain during sex.

Women who are breastfeeding or entering menopause usually experience hormonal changes that cause vaginal dryness and a burning sensation during intercourse.

In some cases, this can be treated with hormonal treatments or using lubricants.

Pain during sex can also occur due to medical causes such as infections and endometriosis.

This can only be overcome with help from a sexual health specialist to find the right treatment method.

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3. Psychological causes

Anxiety or depression can also inhibit sexual arousal. In addition, the existence of problems in the relationship or a history of sexual trauma can also affect intimacy in sex.

This can be treated with the help of a mental health professional.

4. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Sometimes, some women have a low sex drive without any underlying problems.

This is usually called hypoactive sexual desire disorder. This disorder can certainly prevent women from achieving pleasure during sex.

Usually, this can be overcome with a special drug prescribed by a doctor.



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