Third division: “But Mr. Bugar!” – about the DFB and its football circus

Some clubs play all or nothing

It is understandable that clubs like Rostock or 1860 Munich are still justifiably hoping for promotion to the second division and therefore absolutely want to continue playing. Even if the sporting value is questionable.

But this idea seems like everything or nothing: invest substantial sums and forego viewer revenues to continue the season and maybe move up to the TV money savior called the second Bundesliga – or fail with a crash and on the mercy of the DFB in the worst case, hope of bankruptcy.

Seriously operating clubs such as 1. FC Magdeburg or Hallesche FC will be punished. Because if you continue the season, you may not only descend, but also lose hundreds of thousands of euros. You are forced into risk. No specific aid concepts from the DFB are in sight for this case.

The search for the ghost master

The third league has long been considered a bankruptcy league. If the German Football Association and the German Football League, which is responsible for the first and second Bundesliga, had shown the same solidarity in the past as it is now pushing for the season to continue, it would have been different.

In my football acquaintance, nobody is looking forward to the restart of the season. The leagues are looking for their ghost masters. No spectators are allowed in the stadium. Everything feels different in front of the television. Hardly anyone really likes football. But that doesn’t matter either. The circus has to go on. So the DFB wants it.

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Daniel George was born in Magdeburg in 1992. After studying journalism and media management, he moved to Dessau and later to Halle. There he worked for the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

He is fascinated by the internet and the new possibilities in it. That is why he moved back to his hometown in April 2017, where he has been working in the online editorial department of MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT – as a sports, social media and politics editor, always looking for good stories, always in exchange with our users.


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