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THIRD DOSE of an RNA vaccine could be DANGEROUSWith two doses of the vaccine, data in hand, protective immunity against coronavirus it could last a year, even in those recovered from COVID-19. And not only that: there remains a widespread belief that in the end Sars-CoV-2 will not be completely eradicated, indeed, it could become endemic, like a flu-like disease.

The question, as also reported by the newspaper Republic, arises spontaneously: for an eventual third dose which vaccine will we use? Given the high efficacy and acceptable safety profile demonstrated by the two RNA vaccines (Modern e Pfizer) in primary vaccination, the answer would seem obvious: take another dose of either of these two vaccines, appropriately modified to take into account the variants. But is not so.

There is debate on the subject and news are on the horizon. The important question now is: do we have sufficient evidence that repeated RNA injections, even after months or years, meet the safety requirement? The answer is that there is no proof because there is a lack of experiments on the subject. There are indeed biological, clinical and experimental indications in the laboratory animal that lead us to believe that multiple administrations of RNA, at least how this molecule is currently prepared, they might not be acceptable and therefore be dangerous.

In conclusion, therefore, it seems wise not to accept as the only and obvious need that those who have made an RNA vaccine continue to do so over the years. Waiting to know if we really need annual reminders of the anti-COVID vaccine let’s get ready to accept, after experimentation, also boosters with different serums.

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