Third dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The Medical Council is considering extending the list of eligible persons

Third dose vaccinations against COVID-19 can be accepted by people struggling with immunity disorders. “Boosting” vaccination should not take place earlier than 28 days after the completion of the full vaccination schedule. Third dose vaccinations so far, about a thousand people out of 128 thousand entitled.

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Coronavirus. More groups eligible for the third dose? This is being considered by the Medical Council

So far, the Medical Council has indicated seven groups of patients who should receive the third dose of the vaccine as soon as possible. These are:

  • people who are treated for cancer,
  • people after organ transplants who are taking immunosuppressive drugs or biological therapies,
  • people who have had a stem cell transplant in the last two years,
  • people with moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency syndromes (e.g. DiGeorge syndrome, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome),
  • people with advanced or untreated HIV infection,
  • people who are treated with high doses of corticosteroids or other medications that may suppress the immune response
  • chronic dialysis patients due to renal failure.

RMF FM journalists however, they determined that the list of groups eligible for the third dose could increase. Such a scenario is being considered by the Medical Council operating at the premiere. “Such an extension is supported by a large part of the medical community,” reports the radio station.

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As emphasized by specialists, the third dose of the vaccine should first be given to seniors (over 80 years of age) and health care workers.

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– We must also remember about people who stay in senior care homes, live in clusters, in closed rooms – emphasized Dr. Łukasz Durajski, a vaccinologist from the World Health Organization Committee in an interview with RMF FM.

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– Ultimately, in my opinion, we should be able to vaccinate every Pole who meets the conditions to receive a specific preparation. It is about people aged 12+ – adds prof. Filip Szymański, president of the Polish Society Diseases Civilization.

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