Third running of the bulls of San Fermín: the feared bulls of Cebada Gago arrive

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When the name of stuttering barley, a nervous smile is drawn on the face of the runners of the bulls. Especially the runners San Fermin running of the bulls.

The Cebada Gago bulls have carved out a hard reputation in recent decades in Pamplonawhere they are regulars in the streets and in the square.

Without going any further, in the Sanfermines of 2022 they left three gored in a long confinement, lasting more than three minutes, and the most dangerous in recent years. Because? Various elements play a role, but the main one is their tendency to respond to stimuli and drop from the pack, or directly retrace their steps when they leave something behind.

This San Fermín will be the first time of the Cebada Gago bulls in Pamplona on a Sunday. Contrary to what might appear at first glance, a high number of runners and a mass of spectators on the cobblestones is not directly related to more danger or a worse number of injuries. But… this theory has never been contrasted with those of Cebada Gago.

Tomorrow the running of the bulls of San Fermín will run the bulls of the cattle Ymbro source.

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