Third win in a row at home, blackout in the final: the Top and Flop of Torino-Udinese

Toro, pushed by the public, fights and takes a double advantage, but Udinese wakes up in the final, undermining the grenade victory

The Balkan Bull returns to make sparks in a simpler match than expected only on paper. In fact, Udinese fought tooth and nail against the grenades, but they were able to hurt first. Brekalo, one of the club’s rising stars, took care of breaking the deadlock quickly, followed by Bremer. The Friulian defense was in fact overwhelmed by the search for the doubling of the hosts, which resulted in the theft of the Brazilian against Pobega on the signing of the second goal, but the change of set-up put into practice by Gotti has borne fruit. In fact, Udinese woke up with a goal that was difficult to count and Forestieri took care of it. Once again the final proved to be the weak link in the grenade chain: Juric’s men suffered until the last second, winning thanks to a parade by Milinkovic-Savic and thus conquering the three points.

Torino-Udinese 2-1: i Top

Victory regained. On October 30 came the last and that time, the victim of the grenade was Sampdoria. The same fate did not happen, however, on the last day before the break: Spezia was in fact confirmed as the “black beast” of Toro. The stop for the national teams became a real panacea for Juric’s men who, despite the injuries that occurred, managed to snatch the three points from Udinese, thanks to the double advantage gained at the beginning of the second half. The precious booty brought home ensured them the eleventh place in the standings and an approach to rivals on the left side.

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The push of the public. Among the advantages of Toro can not miss the help of the public who, after two weeks without Serie A, made themselves heard in a loud voice in yesterday’s match. In fact, the right push came from the stands to keep the competitive level high, especially after the first goal. The grenades became the authors of a game in crescendo, interrupting the positive trend in the final, thanks to the tactical improvements implemented by the Friulians and fatigue. The final exultation of the group under the Marathon, however, has expressed a bond that is slowly being mended and that could become the key to succeeding in an enterprise.

(Almost) perfect rear lines. A goal and a few oversights characterized much of the performance from the rear grenade. From Bremer, author of the second goal, to Djidji, passing through Buongiorno, who is back as owner: everyone was able to have their say and put order in their own way. The result for Udinese was in fact unlocked on a free kick. The one who stood out most was certainly the former Crotone, recovering from a nose operation and recovered at the last minute. In yesterday’s match he turned into a real godsend not only on the defensive front. It has in fact given life to a more proactive game than usual, with race and constancy. He is among the best in the field.

The Balkan Bull strikes again. The reconstruction carried out by Juric proved effective. His Toro is in fact working properly and yesterday the proof arrived. Able to suffer, the grenades have avoided disseminating precious points, thanks to the contributions of several players from Eastern Europe. First of all Brekalo, able to quickly unlock the result with a master stroke. From the attack, we move to the midfield: Lukic’s dirty work, combined with the unexpected how defensively effective Vojvoda gave a big hand. Then there is the Vanja Milinkovic-Savic fulcrum, from which various actions start and finish. The grenade goalkeeper, displaced by Forestieri’s goal, however, managed to make himself the author of a couple of instinctive miraculous saves, saving the result.

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Turin-Udinese 2-1: the Flop

The drop in the finish. The blackout in the finale is now a real cliché for this Taurus. He seemed to have lost his habit but instead, the problem returned. As has already happened on too many occasions, the grenades again risked throwing away the good things done during the challenge, thanks to the change of set-up put into practice by Gotti. Forestieri’s goal has in fact shifted the balance, restoring the Bianconeri’s confidence. Udinese’s performance in fact progressed in the final, unlike that of Toro, who, however, saved himself and brought the three points with him.

Josip Brekalo

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