This artist took advantage of the pandemic and recreated classic paintings with her dog

If something positive has brought the pandemic is that it has left us with free time to explore our creativity.

A great example of how to take advantage of those spaces of the day where we have nothing to do is the case of the artist Eliza Reinhardt, who has taken advantage of recreate classic paintings taking funny pictures with her puppy Finn.

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Eliza reported to the site Bored Panda her inspiration behind those photos and it all started when she was fired from her job in March 2020, so she had to stay home all day with her Australian Shepherd.

The artist said that when she tried to work in her home studio, her little dog got angry, so she wanted to create a project that it also involved him.

So after seeing the online challenges where many people were trying to recreate famous paintings, Eliza came up with it along with Finnn’s participation.

“I thought after some photos he would get bored, but since he is of a working race he behaves better when he has an assignment and has taken these photos as his daily work.”

And why is your dog so photogenic? Eliza thinks it’s because Finn feels like he’s working and always tries to do what he asks of him well.

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Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the artist feels that not everything has been bad because it has allowed her to change her busy routine and thus enjoy things more.

His current goal is to try to make his art more accessible to the general public.

“Besides making people laugh, I am beyond excited to share the art with everyone.”

Lastly, Eliza hopes her photographs will help people feel less intimidated by art.

If you liked Eliza’s work you can follow her on Instagram where he constantly uploads more photos recreating paintings with Finn.

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