This beautiful model wants to be ‘smuggled’ by Dani Alves into a hotel room in Qatar


brazilian Footballer, Dani Alves exchanging intimate chats with the sexy model he married Joana Sanz. It was revealed that Dani planned to smuggle his wife into his lodging at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Currently, Dani Alves is competing in the 2022 World Cup as a Brazilian national team player. The 39-year-old athlete received great support from his wife Joana Sanz who flew to Qatar with other Brazilian WAGs.

Through his Instagram account, Joana Sanz shared his photo standing in the stands while watching the 2022 World Cup match, Brazil against Serbia. The bikini model wears a yellow jersey for the Brazilian national team with the name Dani Alves and the number 13 on his back.



Joana Sanz provides support for Dani Alves Photo: doc. Instagram @joanasanz

“Wherever as long as with you ❤️ 🔥@danialvesWhere🏼 (position) tops 🇧🇷 🚀#worldcup,” wrote Joana Sanz as a photo caption on Friday (25/11/2022).

In that match, Brazil won against Serbia with a score of 2-0.

Exchange Friendly Chat with Joana

As reported by The Sun, footballers competing in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar are staying in separate hotels without their partners. But that didn’t stop Dani Alves who intends to smuggle Joana into the inn.

The right-back player sent an intimate chat that Joana Sanz shared via Instagram Story.

Joana Sanz, Dani AlvesJoana Sanz, Dani Alves Photo: dok. instagram

“How happy to see you. It always brings a lot of pleasure, as if it were the first time. It’s strange but true,” wrote Dani Alves.

Joana replied to his message with “I love you” and expressed regret for not being able to spend time with Dani during the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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Dani Alves replied to the message with a challenging answer, “I will definitely smuggle you, don’t doubt me.”

Applications Have Been Rejected Twice

The love story of Dani Alves and Joana Sanz was in the spotlight of the world. Because the Brazilian footballer’s application was rejected twice by the Victoria’s Secret Angel.

According to Spanish magazine La Vanguardia, Joana Sanz said she had just accepted Dani Alves’ third proposal.

Joana Sanz, Dani AlvesJoana Sanz, Dani Alves Photo: dok. instagram

“Dani proposed to me in a hotel room. It felt great. He has proposed to me three times,” said the 29-year-old model in 2016.

The couple married secretly in Ibiza after two years of courtship. The two first met in 2015 when introduced by a mutual friend in Barcelona.

Meanwhile, Qatar’s 2022 World Cup marks its third year Dani Alves competed as a Brazilian national team player for the world sports competition.

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