This bracelet promises sensory experiences in the metaverse

If we talk about physical and virtual integration, we cannot stop commenting on the devices –in addition to VR glasses– that will allow a unique experience when we interact with digital universes. If you already work for a glove and a jacket, this bracelet also promises sensory experiences in the metaverse.

A Japanese startup called H2L Technologies is the driving force behind this gadget, which will allow you to experience physical sensations such as pain and even feel the surface of an object. Backed by the giant Sony, the firm ensures that your product UnlimitedHand It can also transmit the sensation of weight and resistance through 14 sensors that deliver electrical stimuli to the skin.

UnlimitedHand: H2L Technologies haptic bracelet.

The haptic device It promises to revolutionize virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), with or without an AR viewer (glasses), the bracelet can recreate multiple experiences.

With the bracelet, a user can transmit movements of his hand and arm to a robotic structure, play wind and string instruments, navigate through a television interface, climb a rocky massif or paddle aboard a kayak, among other activities. what are shown in the presentation.

“Feeling pain allows us to turn the world of the metaverse into a [mundo] real»

Emi TamakiCEO of H2L, detailed to Financial Times that innovation “It allows us to turn the metaverse into a real world, with a greater sense of presence and immersion”. Your goal is “liberate humans from any kind of restriction in terms of space, body and time” by 2029, and usher in a new decade where, with advances in networking and electronic devices, he expects H2L’s products to have countless applications.

H2L believes the bracelet could be used for virtual reality gaming, allowing users to feel a bird’s sting on their skin or the wind on their arm.

However, people could also use it to feel virtual world events in real life. For example, users could virtually relive their favorite childhood activities, like throwing a ball with a parent.

haptic bracelet
This bracelet promises sensory experiences in the metaverse.


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